Soul Pocket

from by orkinpod

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I don’t have a home
but I carry one with me
in the pocket just below the one where I keep my wallet
and just above the one where I keep my soul.

Sometimes I throw loose change in my soul pocket
and it rattle’s around in there forever
because in that vast space I could never ever find it
but I’m careful not to put anything else in my home pocket
I don’t wanna scratch the furniture.

I keep my left pocket open as a place I might stick my future
and any other unresolved issues,
and behind it is my second heart underneath some old tissues;
I use it for parts when someone breaks the one in my chest
when it starts to feel shriveled and smell like old leather
if I cant find the silly putty that I haven’t seen in forever
I’ll just use some chewing gum to stick my heart back together!

Well they’ll put me in the ground wearing this jacket
cause for all that I’ve lost and all I’ve collected
the pennies that have slipped through the holes in my pockets
and the dreams that they've pulled down behind them…

Well I’d never dream of cutting apart my pants to find them.


from The Loudest Sound, released January 1, 2013




orkinpod New York

Orkinpod is a single, discrete human body engaged in the creation of sounds. Orkinpod has most recently been making intimate experimental folk music, but their past includes electronica, sunshine pop, and rock and roll.

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