Song for Demetria Lovato

from by orkinpod

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Hey Demi I think you’re amazing
and I gotta tell you
you’re my inspiration
you see I don’t feel like an ordinary boy
sometimes I don’t feel like a human at all

but we all got problems the songs get us through them
like love in the morning
a star in the evening
that gets you through the day
that makes everything okay

you see the world around us is going insane
and although we’re both grownups
it’s grownups I blame
they pick us up they let us down
but Demi we’re free to stand our ground!

they can’t stop you from shining
they can’t stop me from shining
cause the light that’s bright within us
will not ever be extinguished
and Demi girl, I’d like to see them try!

Hey Demi, I know you don’t know me
and well let’s be honest, I don’t know you either
but music’s the secret to life and to alguhter
I’ve heard yours and maybe oneday
You’ll hear mine?

Hey Demi, I think you’re amazing
and I gotta tell you you’re my inspiration
so let them say I’ve lost it
judge me with their words and with their eyes
let them tell me my body is their’s and not mine!

Try to control me,
well I’ll be just fine
cause music’s forever from your soul to mine.


from The Loudest Sound, released January 1, 2013




orkinpod New York

Orkinpod is a single, discrete human body engaged in the creation of sounds. Orkinpod has most recently been making intimate experimental folk music, but their past includes electronica, sunshine pop, and rock and roll.

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