I'm Sorry

from by orkinpod

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I’m sorry
I guess it’s just a dream that I’ve forgotten to have
I’m sorry
I know that it was funny but I guess I forgot to laugh
I’m sorry
I didn’t mean to hurt you but of course you’re the one who left
I’m sorry
but at least I think I know it that you meant it
when you wished me the best

you saw moonbeams
and love songs
sunny days in the park
I saw them too, please believe me
but something’s gone different
and I've closed up my heart
I woke up this morning and grasped at the dark
and a small voice inside me I tried to keep down
said I guess it’s just a dream
you’ve forgotten to have
oh I guess it’s just a dream
I’ve forgotten to have

I tried to run away
But every doorstep
led your way
led away
I tried
to run


from The Loudest Sound, released January 1, 2013




orkinpod New York

Orkinpod is a single, discrete human body engaged in the creation of sounds. Orkinpod has most recently been making intimate experimental folk music, but their past includes electronica, sunshine pop, and rock and roll.

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