Answer Only with Your Eyes

from by orkinpod

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Goodmorning sunshine
no need to open your eyes
a snow fell last night
and the world’s all white
and I’m sorry
if I woke you
it’s just a dream I had
I’d like to show you…

and when the stars come out
a lifetime away from now
and moonlight gathers
behind your dark eyes
will you still love me
like I love you?
answer only with your eyes…

Like an old leaf pressed between the pages of a diary
anxiety impresses on life the weight of a story
and every little thing
getting dressed in the morning
exerts an irresistible pull

times stretches out
and all that you feel
fear and love and pain
accumulate around the small corners of your life
and color them with significance they don’t deserve
so that it takes all of your strength
to keep your feet on the ground
and not to take flight
and be gone.

I feel scared
so I’ll pretend I have a stomach ache
with a wave of my wand I’ll make it real
I’ll keel over like a sailboat
in a castle moat
full of alligators and electric eels.

I’ll stay in bed
because there’s no reason to get up
I’m not an airplane
I don’t know how to fly
I would crash into a cloud bank
like a seagull drunk on red wine.


from The Loudest Sound, released January 1, 2013




orkinpod New York

Orkinpod is a single, discrete human body engaged in the creation of sounds. Orkinpod has most recently been making intimate experimental folk music, but their past includes electronica, sunshine pop, and rock and roll.

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