The Loudest Sound

by orkinpod

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Orkinpod is BJ Lillis. This phonorecording incorporates electric, steel and nylon string acoustic guitars; upright piano; voices; violins; ukulele; 16-string miramacho; harmonicas; audion electric chord organ; pots, pans, glasses; packing-tape drums; jar-of-pennies; laundry basket; maracas and shakers; backgammon pieces; pencils; effects. The most quiet music can be the loudest sound.


released January 1, 2013

all songs written and produced by Orkinpod
Yellow Dress Records - "Tomorrow's Sound Yesterday"
recorded and mixed at In My Bedroom Studios,
Sleepy Hollow, NY, July-Dec. 2012
art, photography, and design by BJ Lillis
licensed under Creative Commons
3.0 United States
all other rights reserved.
anti-piracy warning: unauthorized copying is fun.




orkinpod New York

Orkinpod is a single, discrete human body engaged in the creation of sounds. Orkinpod has most recently been making intimate experimental folk music, but their past includes electronica, sunshine pop, and rock and roll.

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Track Name: The Scientists Say
The scientists say the earth began as a cold hard rock
but I know that it started life as a softly beating heart

and in every valley of this hard planet blood flows
close your eyes you can hear it singing
the same song as the blood that flows in your veins

a flower made of wishes
cast in wells, cast on stars
bright wish
burning wish
will you take my hand?

You don’t need a rocket to get there
just cast a net made of stardust
and wait patiently for the moon to come to you.
Track Name: Just a Ten Letter Word
It’s alright you could just
write me a letter
you don’t have to call
or anything at all
you don’t even have to ever see me again
just let me know you’re fine

god gave me water and
a place to sleep
and food to eat
there’s so much god gave me
can I really ask for more?
can I really ask for you?

loneliness is just a ten letter word
so why do I feel like a nest without a bird?
is it plain to see?
because it’s not plain to me.
Track Name: Apricot Tree
Above this tree it’s raining hard
the thunder cracks will stop your heart
but it’s dry here under the apricot tree
my baby and me

above the rain the clouds are dark
they cast long shadows across the park
but it’s dry here under the apricot tree
just you and me

above the clouds the sun is hot
there’s never shade no place to sit
no trees no grass no lemonade
just burning sun and dripping sweat
but it’s dry here under the apricot tree
my baby and me

above the sun is empty space
cold and bleak and miserable
and if you leave your rocketship
you’ll turn into an icicle
but it’s dry here under the apricot tree
just you and me

we don’t need a lot just you and me
we don’t even need an apricot tree
cause when the world is dark and dreary
when our lives have left us weary
all I need’s your memory
and a single seed
to plant a tree.
Track Name: These Days Come Tumbling
These days come tumbling like smoke
the radiator tells me that a spider web is forming in my throat

I close the blinds
I lock the door
to keep out
the things I’m waiting for

I use the television
like a tape recorder
I’m like a ghost
never been so alone before

bowls of soup and rosy red
pomegranates in my bed
of flowers
and legs
your legs

these days come tumbling like smoke
the radiator tells me that a spider web is forming in my throat.
Track Name: Soul Pocket
I don’t have a home
but I carry one with me
in the pocket just below the one where I keep my wallet
and just above the one where I keep my soul.

Sometimes I throw loose change in my soul pocket
and it rattle’s around in there forever
because in that vast space I could never ever find it
but I’m careful not to put anything else in my home pocket
I don’t wanna scratch the furniture.

I keep my left pocket open as a place I might stick my future
and any other unresolved issues,
and behind it is my second heart underneath some old tissues;
I use it for parts when someone breaks the one in my chest
when it starts to feel shriveled and smell like old leather
if I cant find the silly putty that I haven’t seen in forever
I’ll just use some chewing gum to stick my heart back together!

Well they’ll put me in the ground wearing this jacket
cause for all that I’ve lost and all I’ve collected
the pennies that have slipped through the holes in my pockets
and the dreams that they've pulled down behind them…

Well I’d never dream of cutting apart my pants to find them.
Track Name: I'm Sorry
I’m sorry
I guess it’s just a dream that I’ve forgotten to have
I’m sorry
I know that it was funny but I guess I forgot to laugh
I’m sorry
I didn’t mean to hurt you but of course you’re the one who left
I’m sorry
but at least I think I know it that you meant it
when you wished me the best

you saw moonbeams
and love songs
sunny days in the park
I saw them too, please believe me
but something’s gone different
and I've closed up my heart
I woke up this morning and grasped at the dark
and a small voice inside me I tried to keep down
said I guess it’s just a dream
you’ve forgotten to have
oh I guess it’s just a dream
I’ve forgotten to have

I tried to run away
But every doorstep
led your way
led away
I tried
to run
Track Name: Tired of the Night
I’m tired of the night
coming once a day
like clockwork
I think I would prefer
for the sun to stay a little bit longer

but when it’s dark
and I’m alone
and I’m dancing
even though my eyes are closed
I’m waiting…

Tell me that I’m safe.

Weeks go by in days
before I awake
the sunlight on your face
and the ceiling fan

but when the lights are on
in midafternoon
the window's open
and a breeze blows through
my heart jumps
as the doorbell rings
you’re here

you’re safe.
Track Name: The Loudest Sound
The loudest sound
I’ve ever heard
was the sound
of the snow
falling outside
your window
the moment
my lips met yours…
Track Name: What We Bury at Night
If you wonder why
your heart is broken
just ask yourself:
did you have to turn out the lights?
and I didn’t even tell you I could see in the dark
maybe because I can’t?

and I know it’s true
as it was

can you imagine what we bury at night?
when the sun goes down and nowhere is anywhere without a streetlight
all the dust
beneath our beds…

what are you hiding in the damp?
cramped, cracked, dark, and lost...
what have you left behind the moon?
creeping like a frost...

what we bury at night.
Track Name: There's a City on Your Back
There’s a city on your back
somewhere just
beyond your collarbone
with a mosque, and two churches,
a synagogue
and a market place

In the square, I’d sit and wait
when I was younger
than I am today.
And in your hair, there’s a stream
where children go
on a hot summer’s day

the warm sunlight, on your face
a sugar pie
and a tree for shade.

There’s a window in your face
somewhere just
above your right cheekbone
I looked through it, one spring day
and what I saw
was like the perfect home

I’ll do the dishes, you’ll mow the lawn
in the kitchen
we’ll have linoleum
I’ll make a mess cooking dinner
and together
we’ll scrub the kitchen floor

Here we go climb out the window
down the steps into the garden

I’m a tree and you’re a monkey
together we’re a flora and fauna

I’m a cricket and you’re a song bird
together we’re an orchestra
Track Name: So
you have to know
I love you
Track Name: Song for Demetria Lovato
Hey Demi I think you’re amazing
and I gotta tell you
you’re my inspiration
you see I don’t feel like an ordinary boy
sometimes I don’t feel like a human at all

but we all got problems the songs get us through them
like love in the morning
a star in the evening
that gets you through the day
that makes everything okay

you see the world around us is going insane
and although we’re both grownups
it’s grownups I blame
they pick us up they let us down
but Demi we’re free to stand our ground!

they can’t stop you from shining
they can’t stop me from shining
cause the light that’s bright within us
will not ever be extinguished
and Demi girl, I’d like to see them try!

Hey Demi, I know you don’t know me
and well let’s be honest, I don’t know you either
but music’s the secret to life and to alguhter
I’ve heard yours and maybe oneday
You’ll hear mine?

Hey Demi, I think you’re amazing
and I gotta tell you you’re my inspiration
so let them say I’ve lost it
judge me with their words and with their eyes
let them tell me my body is their’s and not mine!

Try to control me,
well I’ll be just fine
cause music’s forever from your soul to mine.
Track Name: The Day that the Past Went Away
I am dreading the day
when the flowers on my toes
fade away and are gone
because I’m terrified
that the friend who painted them there
will be gone from my life
and I’ll be even more alone
than I was when I shattered
and she helped me pick up the pieces
that scattered in the earth
like the bones of the Romans and Greeks.
And so I only shower on odd days
and I don’t use soap on my feet!

When they write the story of our times
they will begin
with the day that the past went away
and the future that dawned
it was all upside down
and almost as lost as the present day.

In a thousand years archeologists
will cut us from the earth
and the lives we have lost shall be cleaned
and reassembled in a bright room
surrounded by red ropes in lines
and new hopes shaped from lost time
where girls in thick glasses
and boys who wear dresses
will read a small sign
explaining where they found my bones
written by a historian
who just wants to be left alone

with my past instead of his own.

I am dreading the day
when the flowers on my toes
fade away and are gone…
Track Name: Everything I Want
I was on my way home when it started to rain
but I don't mind
I'm all out of clean clothes
and I'm home alone
but I don't mind.

And if you came to visit I would jump out of my shoes
and be so happy
you make me happy
a little less empty
a little more peace of mind.

Are you lonesome like I'm lonesome?
are you frozen in your feet?
everything I want I'm scared of
and everything I'm scared of I want.

Are you lonesome like I'm lonesome?
are you shaking in your shoes?
everything I want I'm scared of
and everything I'm scared of I want.

I need you even more than I did before
I need you every night
I need you in my life.
Track Name: Why?
You’ve got everything you need
to be happy as can be
but it’s not there
it’s not there…

you’ve got everything you want
there’s nothing lacking in your life to be
can’t you see?

why do you care about me?
wanna be kissing me?
oh why? why do you wanna miss me?
just stay with me!
oh why? are you still mine?
are you still mine?

I’ve got no place to go
no place to be
and you’re still going there faster than me
don’t you see?

here’s the house where we’ll grow old
and the history of the world is in these stones
and I’m alone…

Track Name: Answer Only with Your Eyes
Goodmorning sunshine
no need to open your eyes
a snow fell last night
and the world’s all white
and I’m sorry
if I woke you
it’s just a dream I had
I’d like to show you…

and when the stars come out
a lifetime away from now
and moonlight gathers
behind your dark eyes
will you still love me
like I love you?
answer only with your eyes…

Like an old leaf pressed between the pages of a diary
anxiety impresses on life the weight of a story
and every little thing
getting dressed in the morning
exerts an irresistible pull

times stretches out
and all that you feel
fear and love and pain
accumulate around the small corners of your life
and color them with significance they don’t deserve
so that it takes all of your strength
to keep your feet on the ground
and not to take flight
and be gone.

I feel scared
so I’ll pretend I have a stomach ache
with a wave of my wand I’ll make it real
I’ll keel over like a sailboat
in a castle moat
full of alligators and electric eels.

I’ll stay in bed
because there’s no reason to get up
I’m not an airplane
I don’t know how to fly
I would crash into a cloud bank
like a seagull drunk on red wine.
Track Name: Everything
A beautiful day will come